Notification of Commission to Increase in Salary and Pension 2020 Pakistan

Notification of Commission to Increase Salary and Pension 2020 Pakistan

Detail of Commission Members is enlisted on letter attached below.





TORs of the Commission will be as follows:


a) Study the adequacy of existing Basic Pay Scale System a and to evaluate the current salaries of Government employees throughout the federation including the provincial government and recommend measures for its improvement and uniformity Also make recommendations for the streamlining of existing classification from BPS 1-22.

b) Study the separation of existing Basic Pay Scales for specialized departments/occupations/cadres .


c) Review of Special Scales such as Management Grades, c Management Postion Scales (MP Scales), Special Professional Pay Scales (SPPS) Project Pay Scales etc, and propose measures for uniformity and improvement.

d) Review of admissible Regular allowances, Special incentives and all other allowances with a view to highlight  prevalent distortions and recommend corrective measures. e Review of existing perks and facilities and make recommendations, including possibility of their monetization.


To Review the Pension system of the Government of Pakistan.

a) Highlight existing distortions and anomalies in the a Pension Scheme and recommend remedial measures. Verify the sustainability of the current model after critically evaluating future liabilities through an actuarial study.

b)Evaluate alternate systems of Pension like defend  contribution and setting up of pension funds in light of International best practices and recommend a system with clear timelines that is more efficient and sustainable, considering the available resources.

To Review the existing incentive regime (honorarium special rewards) and recommend improvement in it.

To evaluate and recommend legislative measures to protect and  streamline Pay. Pension and Allowances regime for government employees.

The Commission may. if so desired by the Government, make interim recommendations to provide interim relief pending the submission of its final report.

The Commission shall have power to co-opt any person or agency to assist it in its deliberations.

The Finance Division shall provide Secretariat support to the Commission and the Commission shall make its  recommendations within 6 Months of its constitutions.

While formulating ts proposal recommendations on the above terms of reference, the pay and pension commission would take into consideration the financial resources of the Government.

The scope of work of the Commission will include Federal and Provincial civil servants, other government servants, civilians paid from defense estimates, all Armed Forces/Civil Armed Forces personnel and holders of the posts in Management Scales and employees of such Public sector corporations/ autonomous/semi autonomous bodies, other than Banks and DFIs, which have adopted the scheme of Basic Pay Scales in toto. Employees of Public Sector Corporations/ Autonomous/Semi-Autonomous bodies who are regulated under the Pay Scales prescribed by these i organizations and the employees governed under the Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969 and/or whose financial terms of service are settled through Collective Bargaining Agents, are excluded from the scope of work of the Pay & Pension Commission.

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Increase in Salary and Pension 2020 Pakistan
Increase in Salary and Pension 2020 Pakistan