Notification of Relaxation of Rents During Lock down by Punjab Government

Notification of Relaxation of Rents During Lock down by Punjab Government.
NO.50(15-11)1-1/2004. WHEREAS, the number of pandemic Corona virus cases is rapidly  increasing in the Province of Punjab, which is alarming and highly dangerous for the health of the people, Hence. it is mandatory to take all pragmatic & possible measures to contain and counter the further spread of corona virus on war footings.
2. AND WHEREAS, in my opinion there are sufficient grounds to proceed under section 144 of The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1696, as an immediate preventive and speedy remedy and the directions hereinafter appearing are necessary, to ensure public safety, conserve lives, maintain peace and tranquility and to avoid chaos in the Province of Punjab.
3. NOW, THEREFORE . I, Momin Agha, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Government of the Punjab, in exercise of powers vested in me under Section 144(6) of ” Code of Criminal Procedure 1696  do hereby the following action:
“During the period of loci down, no landlord shall evict any tenant forcefully. illegally or without due process of law, on account of non-payment/delay payment of the rent.”
4. This Order shall remain in force in Punjab for a period of (02 months) with immediate effect unless modified
This order shall be given wider publicity in official Gazette, Daily Newspapers and 5 broadcasting though Radio Pakistan, Pakistan Television and other IV Channels as news item for information of the general public.
Relaxation of Rents During Lock down
Relaxation of Rents During Lock down